Yi Home Security Camera Setup

A Brief Guide For Yi Home Security Camera Setup

Have you ever heard about the third eye? We often listen or read about it in books or in movies but today we have a number of eyes who help to spect on our premises. Don’t get confused as we are here talking about Yi Home security cameras

If you have brought your home the Yi Outdoor Security Camera then you definitely need to set it up. Isn’t it? With the help of this guide, we will tell you each and everything with the help of which you can easily do Yi CCTV camera setup by yourself. 

In case, you want some expert help then call us directly through Yi Home Camera Customer Service number. You can call us 24*7 as we are always ready to help our customers. Moving forward, let’s know all the steps that are required to do Yi Home Security Camera Setup

Steps To Do Yi Home Security Camera Setup

Before You Begin

Before beginning the process of  Yi Home CCTV Camera Setup, make sure that you are connected with the good speed internet connection. If not then, contact your internet service provider and resolve all the errors from your wifi. 

  • Now, download the Yi Home app from the play store or the app store. It actually depends on the smartphone you are having right now. 
  • It’s good if you already have a Yi account, if not then create a Yi account now and then move forward to the next step
  • Make sure that you have turned On the location for the app. 
  • For ios users, go to settings, open privacy, and select location services. 
  • Turn On the location services and select Yi Home.
  • You will be asked to ON the location always or while using the app. Select according to your choice 

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Final Steps For Yi Home Camera Setup

  • Connect the adapter to the camera and the power outlet and turn the camera ON. 
  • Also, connect USB cable with the camera
  • Open the Yi Home app and log into your account that you have created recently 
  • When you open the app, you will see the “+” symbol. Click on the icon to proceed further
  • Under the option of “select devices”, choose your Yi camera that you are going to pair
  • In case, there are a number of Yi security cameras in your space then it would be better if you scan the QR code given on the camera 
  • When you will set up the camera, you will hear a sound that is “waiting to connect”. If you will hear that sound, click on “I heard waiting to connect” and if you will not hear the sound, click on “I did not hear it”. 
  • In that case, you have to reset again. 
  • Under the option of “connect to wifi” choose the wifi that you want to connect with your camera
  • Now, you have to scan the code that appears on your phone. For the same, put the screen of the phone in front of the camera. 
  • You will then hear the sound “the code has been scanned properly” or something similar to this. 
  • If you will not hear this then click on the link that has been given at the bottom of the screen
  • After this, the camera will get paired with the mobile app but for the same, you have to wait for 1-2 minutes
  • It’s time to give a name to your camera 
  • Congratulations as you have completed Yi Home Security Camera Setup. 

How To Reset Yi Home Security Camera?

It may happen sometimes that you will face some kind of issues with your Yi home camera due to one or other reasons. In that condition, you have to reset the camera by following the steps given below: 

  • Take a thin needle or something 
  • On the backside of the camera, you will find the reset button
  • With the help of a needle, press the button until you will not see any yellow light 
  • Once the reset process will get completed, you will hear the sound “reset is successful” 
  • In case, you are having a 2nd generation camera, you will have to remove the back cover of the camera. 
  • After then, you will see a white round button. 
  • With the help of a pin, press the button until you will see the yellow light
  • This is how to reset Yi Home Security Camera

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Facing An Issue, Call Us Now!!!

Although we have provided you with each and every step accurately, it may be possible that you may face any kind of difficulty while doing the process. If that is the case then dial Yi Home Camera Customer Service Phone Number now. 

We have a team of technicians who are working with us for years. We are very lucky to have them and just because of their efforts and new techniques, we are able to help you. So, call now on the given Yi Home Security Camera Helpline numbers and let our experts solve all the issues for you.

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