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How Do You Fix Yi Camera Offline Problem Quickly?

The Yi Camera Offline issue is one of the most common security camera problems that sometimes create huge trouble for the users. 

Security cameras are so much necessary for all of us today for personal and professional purposes. But, most of the time it used to happen that these cameras stopped recording anything. 

Sometimes, the issue persists because of a weak internet connection while other times an outdated camera app could be one of the main reasons. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss each and everything that will help you to fix the Yi Outdoor Security Camera offline problem. 

Reasons Behind Yi Camera Offline Issue 


There could be a number of possible reasons why your security camera is not in online mode. Below, we are going to mention a few reasons that could be responsible for the Yi Camera Offline issue.

  1. Check your power connection 
  2. Make sure your internet connection is working properly 
  3. Update the Yi camera mobile application 
  4. Verify that all the cables are connected accurately 
  5. Some physical objects might be blocking the signals 
  6. The battery of your camera is down 

How Do You Fix When Yi Outdoor Security Camera Is Not Online?

To get your security camera back online again, you have to follow a few methods. Or else, you can also call our experts who can fix any kind of issue in a short period of time. 

  • 1. Check The Power Connection 

To fix your camera offline issue, make sure that the power cable has connected to the wall outlet. It could be possible that your power outlet has stopped working. This is why your camera is not working. 

  • 2. Check All The Connected Cables

If you are using a wired network connection, verify that all the cables have been connected properly. It could be possible that any of the wire is loosely connected. This is the main reason why your Yi security camera is in offline mode. 

  • 3. Move Your Yi Camera Near To The Router

If you are using a wireless network connection, move your camera a little close to the router. Most of the time, we used to position the security camera according to our convenience and end up placing it outside the connectivity range. 

  • 4. Remove The Obstructions 

It could be possible that any physical object is creating a hindrance and blocking the signals. So, you have to position your camera on the place with zero physical hindrance. 

  • 5. Replace The Batteries 

If you have tried all the steps and are still facing the Yi Camera Offline issue then replace the batteries with the new one. Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones. 

Hence, remove the back cover of the camera and insert the new batteries inside it. After doing that, turn on the camera again to check if it is in an online mode or not.

  • 6. Restart Your Security Camera 

After applying all the steps if still, your camera is in offline mode then give it a quick restart. To do so, turn off the camera and then remove all the cables connected to it. Wait there for 60 seconds and then reconnect the cables again. 

Turn on the router and wait until it will not connect with your security camera. Check whether your Yi camera is in online mode again or not. 

  • 7. Update The Yi Cam App 

Most of the time the Yi Camera Offline issue evolves because of an outdated camera app. So, connect your smartphone with the internet and update the app to its latest version now. When the app will be updated, restart your smartphone. Now, you have to check whether it has started recording or still Wyze not working.  Or else you can also call our team of experts.  

Why Is the Yi Camera Not Connecting To My Wifi?

If you are trying again and again and still your Yi camera is not able to connect to the internet, here are the steps: 

  1. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Wyze application 
  2. Verify that the wifi of the Yi security camera is On 
  3. Make sure your app has not connected to any different camera’s wi-fi hotspot 
  4. Only one smartphone should be connected with the Yi camera application
  5. Your smartphone and the Yi security camera should be placed with 100 meters of distance 
  6. After trying the above-given steps, turn on the camera and the Wyze cam application again 
  7. In case the Yi Camera Offline issue still not get fixed then tap on the camera’s back screen and select “settings”<” system settings”<restore factory settings”


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We really hope that with the help of the above-given steps your Yi camera comes back in online mode again. If you have tried all the methods and still your camera is not working then do call our team of technicians now. 

They will fix the Yi Camera Offline issue in a short possible time. Call our team of experts anytime you want. 

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