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In our childhood, our neighbors used to keep an eye on us and today these CCTV cameras have taken over. Isn’t it? The only difference was neighbors, keeping an eye on us for the purpose of making fun of us and these security cameras help us to save our important things. Today, there are hundreds of companies that are trying their luck in the field of security cameras but no one is like Wyze security cameras. In this guide, we are going to tell you a little about Wyze Camera Setup so that you can do it by yourself without taking anyone’s help. 

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Steps To Do Wyze Camera Setup

Before start, the steps to Wyze Cam Installation make sure that you have the following things: 

  • Wyze Camera 
  • Tablet or smartphone 
  • A good wifi connection 

Download The Wyze App

  • Open the play store or the app store on your smartphone device and download the Wyze app. 
  • Install Wyze Cam app
  • Open the app and log into the app with the id and the password
  • If you don’t have an account yet then create the one with your email id and password
  • You will then be required to insert the password twice.
  • Make sure to enter the same password both times.
  • Your internet connection should work fine
  • This is how to install Wyze camera app

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Plug-In the Camera

It’s time to plug in the camera with the help of a USB cable that you have received with the Wyze camera. Don’t use any bad quality adapter as the camera will not receive the exact amount of power it would need to run smoothly. 

When you will connect the USB with the camera and turn the power button ON, you will then see a solid yellow light. It simply means that you are already processing the Wyze Camera Setup

Add a New Device in Wyze App

  • When you will open the Wyze app, you will see the “+” button in the center of the screen 
  • Choose your Wyze cam 
  • On the bottom of your camera, you will find a SETUP button. Press the button until you will not listen to a beep sound which means that it is ready to connect
  • Let us tell you that Wyze Cam Setup without App is impossible

Add Your Wifi 

It’s time to add your wifi network to the Wyze camera app. Enter the password of your wifi connection. Before entering the password, make sure that you have entered the right one. 

Scan The QR Code

When the Wyze app will show you the QR code, face the front screen of the smartphone towards the lens of the camera. Wait for a while until you will hear that “camera has scanned the code, please wait.

If you are facing any kind of issues, follow the steps given below: 

  • Make sure that you have held the smartphone in a proper way and in 5 inches of distance with the camera
  • If the camera has not scanned the code yet, then try to change the distance a little bit \. Keep changing the distance but after a few seconds. 
  • If the camera hasn’t scanned the code yet, tilt the smartphone a little bit. Many times, because of the reflection, the camera unable to scan the code
  • Be sure that there is no crack on the camera or on the smartphone. 

Wyze Cam Installation

Complete The Wyze Camera Setup

When the setup will be completed, the light on the camera will turn to solid blue.

Move The Place Of The Camera

You can now place the camera anywhere you want. Just unplug the device and move it to a place where you want it to place. But make sure that you have connected to the same wifi. Also, your camera should be placed within the wifi range. This is How to setup Wyze cam to your place. 

Wyze Camera Related Issues 

While using the camera you may encounter a number of errors. We have listed the reason below why Wyze Cam Stopped Working properly. 

  • Wyze Cam Won’t Connect
  • The Wyze Cam Connection Failed
  • Wyze Cam Not Connecting
  • Is your Wyze Cam Stopped Working?
  • Wyze Camera Not Responding to Alexa
  • Wyze Cam Keeps Saying Ready to Connect

Behind all of these issues, there could be several reasons. If you will encounter any of these errors then dial Wyze Phone number now. 


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Wyze Cam Phone Number!!!

We hope that you have completed the Wyze Camera Setup with the steps that we have provided you above. If you will face any of the issues that we have mentioned above then you can dial the Wyze Cam Phone Number of technicians who are round the ready to serve you. They are experienced enough to deal with any issues related to Wyze Camera Setup.

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