Troubleshooting Guide When Wyze Cam Won’t Connect To The Internet

If you have noticed that your Wyze Cam Won’t Connect To The Internet, check the wifi router, make sure all the cables are connected properly, move your camera within the wifi connectivity range. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss why your Wyze Cam Connection Failed and what you should do to fix this issue. 

In case you are a little impatient and looking for an immediate solution then dial the given helpline number. We are also having a team of experts who is round the clock ready to troubleshoot the security camera issues. 

If you are curious to fix the issue by yourself then do follow this guide. 

Why Is My Wyze Cam Won’t Connect To Internet?

We know that you are very tense as your Wyze Cam Not Connecting to the wifi. Before you proceed to follow the troubleshooting steps, we want you to know the reasons behind the issue first. 

The reasons why your Wyze Cam Won’t Connect To the Internet are mentioned below: 

  1. You have entered the wrong wifi password 
  2. You have connected your camera to the wrong network connection
  3. Wyze camera has been positioned outside wifi range 
  4. Physical barriers are interrupting the network connection
  5. Outdated Wyze Cam application. 

Below, we are going to explain all the points properly so that you will completely understand how to fix when Wyze Cam Stopped Working due to a network issue. 


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How To Fix When Wyze Cam Won’t Connect To The Internet?

If you have recently found that your Wyze Cam Connection Failed, we want you to follow the steps given below. 

  • Make sure you have entered the right password 

It may be possible that someone has recently changed the password of the wifi device. Hence, your security camera can’t connect to the internet, results, stopped working. Hence, check the password of the wifi, if found changed then update the password to make your camera working again. 

  • Check That You Haven’t Connected The Camera To Wrong Wifi 

It may also be possible that you have accidentally connected your security camera to an open network. This is why your Wyze Cam Won’t Connect to the internet. So, it is necessary to check again whether you have connected to the right network connection or not. 

  • Make Sure Your Wyze Cam Has Positioned Accurately 

Most of the security camera users used to place the camera outside the connectivity range. Doing this will let your security camera face the connectivity issue again and again. Hence, you have to make sure whether your camera is placed within the wifi range or not. 

  • Check The Batteries Inside Your Camera

You need to make sure whether the batteries inside the camera are working or not. It may be possible that you are running the camera with damaged batteries and this is the reason why your Wyze security camera has stopped working. So, check the batteries and replace them with new ones if needed. 

  • Update The Wyze Cam App

Have you recently updated the Wyze cam app to its latest version? Most of the time, we forget to update the apps and end up facing connectivity issues. Hence, open the app store or play store and then update your app now. 

How to Connect Wyze Cam to New WiFi?

If you want to connect the Wyze camera to a new wifi, download the Wyze app to your smartphone from the play store. In case you are using an ios device then download the app from the app store. 

Create an account and log into the app with your email id and password. When the account will be created, do follow the steps given below: 

  1. With the help of a power adapter and USB cable, connect the camera to the power outlet. When you see a yellow LED light, it means that your Wyze camera has power access. 
  2. When you will see the light start to flash, it means that your camera is ready for setup. 
  3. To add the camera with the app, press “+” to add a new device. 
  4. On the camera, “setup “ button, press and hold the button until it will not beep. When it starts beeping it means that your camera is ready to connect. 
  5. Now, you need to click on the “next” button to connect Wyze cam to a new wifi network. 
  6. Click on “next” and then scan the QR code given on the screen. To scan the code, you need to place the screen of the smartphone in front of the camera. 
  7. To complete the setup, you need to tap on the button. Once the setup will be completed, the LED indicator will turn to solid blue. 

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We would like to conclude this article on the point that while using the security cameras you may have to face several issues. When you find that your Wyze Cam Won’t Connect To Wifi, you have to make sure that your wifi is working properly. 

We have told you everything that is needed to fix the issue. In case you have followed all the steps and still facing the connectivity issue then do call our experts. They are having several years of experience in this field. 

Hence, call them anytime you want and all of your issues will be fixed immediately. 

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