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If your Vivint security camera stopped working? Ohh! That’s so sad. But, you don’t have to worry as we are going to cover all the causes and troubleshooting methods to resolve the issues. 

Today, security cameras are very necessary and it is our responsibility to look after them. In case, there is something not good with your Vivint security camera and you need an immediate solution then you can call us anytime on given Vivint Customer Service number

For them, who want to deal with the issue by themselves, they can read this small guide. 

Are you ready? 

Reasons behind Vivint security camera stop working

Vivint security camera stop working

There could be a number of possible reasons behind this issue. 


If you really want to resolve it then you first have to find the main cause. Only after that, we can proceed further. 

The possible reason for the trouble could be: 

  • Your camera is in offline mode
  • Vivint camera not picking up motion or Vivint Camera Not Detecting Motion
  • Distance between the camera and router 

How to fix Camera related issues?

Vivint Camera offline

To troubleshoot the issue of Vivint security camera offline, try the steps that have been given below: 

1. Reboot your Panel

To reboot the panel, first, you have to disarm your system. After this, go to the panel settings. From the bottom right corner, click on the menu icon. Under the smart home settings, click on devices. Click on displays and reboot your panel

2. Restart your camera

Many times, a single restart is enough to troubleshoot the issues related to the camera. So, unplug the cables from the camera and the router. Wait for a while and then restart the camera again. 

3. Check the power 

There are chances that your camera is not connected with a good power outlet. So, try to unplug the camera and connect it with any other power outlet. 

4. Restart the router

If the issue still persists then try to restart the router. To do the same, remove the cables for 30 seconds and plug the cables again. 

Vivint camera not picking up motion 

Vivint Outdoor Camera -Stop Working

To resolve the issue of Vivint camera not picking up motion, you have to follow the steps that have been given below: 

  • Go to the panel, at the bottom, tap on the icon of the camera. After that, select the camera you want to adjust and change the motion. In the right corner, click on the settings gear and enter 4 digit pins. 
  • First, click on the detection settings and change the motion of the camera according to your need. You can use the touch screen to adjust the placement and size. In the bottom right corner, use the horizontal lines to shrink and stretch
  • To adjust the sensitivity, follow the steps: 
  1. To adjust the sensitivity and object size, use the sliders given on the bottom 
  2. The motion detection sensitivity measures the sensitivity of the moment of the camera. In case you are getting too many alerts for the sensitivity then lower the setting to two or three
  3. The Object size tells the size of the object your camera will look for. You will see the small size of an object if you lower the number. We would like to set the settings for one or two. 

And this how you can troubleshoot the issue of Vivint security Camera Not Detecting Motion, Vivint Camera Not Detecting Motion or Vivint outdoor camera stop.

Distance between the camera and router 

If you are using a wireless camera then there are the chances that the camera is placed too far from the router. This is the only reason behind Vivint security cameras stop working

Hence, minimize the distance between the camera and the router. Always place the camera within the connectivity range. 

How to connect Vivint camera to wifi?

To connect Vivint camera to wifi follow the steps that have been given below

Add a camera to wifi via WPS button

  1. First, you have to go to your router, check if all the cables are connected properly or not. If everything is fine then press and locate the WPS button. So as to identify the right button, you will see a flashing WPS symbol
  2. Press the WPS button until you will not see the blue flashing light. Wait until the light turns to solid green color
  3. Go to the official website of the Vivint camera and sign in with your email id and password 
  4. Click on “control this home” 
  5. Tap on the option of “video” 
  6. Click on “settings” 
  7. Tap on “add video” now
  8. Choose the camera that is being seen on the screen 
  9. Install the camera 
  10. Finish the setup 

Add camera with Ethernet cable

Follow the steps that have been given below, to add the camera using an ethernet cable

  1. With the help of an ethernet cable, connect the camera with the router 
  2. Plug the cable into the power outlet and turn the button ON. wait, for the time the light turns to green 
  3. When you will see the green light, turn On your computer go to the official website of Vivint security camera 
  4. Click then on “control my home” 
  5. On the left, click on the video and then press “settings” 
  6. Now, you have to scroll down and click on “add video device”. Follow the instructions given on the page and proceed further
  7. Once the camera will be connected properly you can then remove the ethernet cable and place the camera wherever you want. 
  8. But, make sure that you have placed it within the connectivity range 
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In this guide, we have told you all the troubleshooting steps to resolve the Vivint security camera stop working. In addition to that, we have also told you how you can connect the camera with wifi. 


We hope that all the given methods are helpful to you. In case, you are still dealing with any issue then you can call us anytime on a given toll-free number. 

We have a team of dedicated technicians who are working day and night to troubleshoot all camera-related issues. 

You can call them anytime you want…

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