Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline

How To Change The Condition Of Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline To Online?

Don’t you want to change the working condition of your Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline to online? We know that you struggled a lot but couldn’t be able to find the perfect solution. In this guide, we will let you provide all the necessary methods required to fix this issue. 

For any additional help, we are round the clock accessible for you. Reach to us anytime you want and you will get all the answers to your questions. 

Quick Steps To Troubleshoot Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline Issue

The issue of Vivint Camera Offline evolves because of certain reasons like faulty wifi device, physical interference, outdated firmware, etc. 

To fix this issue, we have to try a number of methods that are provided below: 

  1. Make Sure Your Wifi Device Is Working Properly 
  2. Remove All Obstacles
  3. Move The Camera Close To The Router
  4. Update The Firmware Of The Router
  5. Factory Reset The Vivint Outdoor Camera

We know that it may be a little hard to fix the issue without explaining. This is why we are going to explain all the steps briefly. 


Step By Step Process To Fix Vivint Camera Offline Issue

  • 1. Make Sure Your Wifi Is Working properly 

One of the major reasons why your Vivint outdoor camera is offline could be a faulty wifi device. This is why you need to check if your wifi is working or there is an issue with your network connection. 

To check the working of your internet connection, connect your smartphone with the same wifi. If you have found that wifi is working properly then we need to jump to the next step. In case the wifi is not working accurately then you need to contact our network service providers. 

Note: As a matter of fact, we want to suggest you restart your wifi device. Restarting any technical device can resolve most of the issues. For any external help, you can contact our network service providers. 

  • 2. Move The Camera Close To The Router

After checking the router, if you have found that wifi is working properly and still Vivint Camera Not Responding then move your camera near the router. There may be chances that you have placed your camera too far from the router. So, minimize the distance between the Vivint camera and router and fix the Vivint Doorbell camera Offline

  • 3. Remove All The Obstacles

Most of the time it could be possible that your wifi is working properly and still Vivint Security Camera Not Recording then remove all the obstacles. Possible obstacles could be metal, plaster, wall, concrete wall, etc. 

All of these things are majorly responsible for why your security camera is offline. 

  • 4. Update The Firmware Of The Camera

A regular firmware update of the security camera is very necessary if you want to get rid of Vivint Camera Offline

If you need any help related to the update of the camera, do call us on the given helpline numbers. 

  • 5. Restart The Camera 

Try to fix the issue of Vivint camera keeps going offline by restarting the camera. To do so, turn off the router and then detach all the cables. Wait for a short period of time and then reconnect the cables again. 

  • 6. Factory Reset Your Camera 

If you have tried all the steps and still the issue persists then factory reset the security camera. We would like to suggest you not to delete the security camera from the application. By doing so, can delete the log. 

Steps To Connect Vivint Camera To Wifi?

While doing the Vivint Camera Setup, you need to connect it to the wifi. Here are the steps that are required to connect the Vivint Camera To Wi-Fi

  1. First, you need to disarm your security camera. 
  2. Open “general setting”. 
  3. Now, you need to click on the menu icon. 
  4. Enter the passcode. 
  5. Tap on “connectivity”. 
  6. Choose the option of wifi. 
  7. Select the option provided above “info and diagnostics”. 
  8. Check the name of your wifi device and then proceed further by entering the password. 
  9. Your security camera may take some time to connect to the wifi. 
  10. You have successfully connected now to the wifi device. 

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In this guide, to fix the Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline issue, we have told all the reasons and their troubleshooting steps. We hope that you have followed the guide properly and fixed the concern. 

It’s not that tough to fix the issue but if you still need some experts to help then do call us on the given helpline numbers. We have a team of dedicated experts who are waiting eagerly for your call. Ask them anything anytime and they will be happier to help you.

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