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We will not waste your time telling you the importance of Vivint Outdoor Camera. We know that you already are familiar with the camera and that is why you are here. So, the point is, in this guide, we will tell you each and every method that is necessary to resolve Vivint Camera Offline issues and several other problems. 

This is all one guide because we don’t want you to go here and there to find the solution. Read this amazing and properly researched guide and troubleshoot the concern by yourself easily. 

Although, you can also take help from Vivint Camera Phone Number. But, we would like to suggest you try to troubleshoot the issue by yourself first. 

So, are you ready or not? 

Steps To Fix Vivint Camera Offline Trouble?

Vivint Camera Offline

1. Minimize the distance

The very first thing that you should do is, minimize the distance between the router and your Vivint security camera

This is one of the common mistakes that people often make. They forget that their camera is connected to wifi and they placed the camera too far from the router. 

2. Remove the obstacles

In certain cases, people placed the camera near the router and still faces the issue of Vivint Camera Offline. In this case, minimize the obstacles or change the placement of the camera. 

The obstacles could be concrete wall, metal, wall, plaster. All these things are used to block the signals and you will end up facing Vivint Outdoor Security Camera offline issues. 

3. Minimize the interference

If multiple channels are operating on the same wifi channel then also you will end up facing Vivint camera offline issues. 

Try to change the channel on your router. If you want to make your router compatible with your wifi then it must use 2.4 GHz frequency. 

4. Remove the electronic appliances

After following all the steps, check if the electronic appliances like monitors, TV, microwave, interfere in between the router and wifi. 

If yes, then it’s only your responsibility to remove them. These all are the main reason why you are dealing with the issue of Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline

5. Broadband Plan 

There are the chances that you have bought the cheaper broadband plan and because of too much downloading and uploading you are facing this issue. 

Hence, either update the plan or connect fewer devices with a single wifi network. 

Per the camera, the uploading speed should be 2mbps or above. Also, the camera will not work on the hotspot so, if you are trying to do that then skip the idea. 

6. Update the firmware

After a certain interval of time, the company releases an update to remove the errors and to improve quality. 

In case, you haven’t updated your Vivint security camera yet, update it now. After updating, check if the issue still persists or is resolved. 

7. Switch the position 

If you are having more than one camera at your place and one of them is not working. In this case, change the position of the camera that is working with the camera that is not. 

On replacing the position, if the camera starts working again then it is clear that everything is fine except the location. 

So, at the time of camera installation, you should make sure that you have placed the camera where there is no interference and obstacles. 

8. Plugging/Unplugging 

We have researched and found that industry leaders say to reconnect the camera once in a month for a while and then connect it again. 

This will help the camera to work better as the cache and other unnecessary issues get resolved. 

9. Factory resetting

If still, you are troubled with the issue of Vivint Camera offline then we would like to suggest you perform a factory reset. 

This will diagnose all the issues persisting with the Vivint Outdoor Camera


Do not ever delete the camera from the application. By doing this, any log could also be deleted. 

We are sure that all the steps that we have told you above are enough to resolve all Vivint Security Cameras offline issues. 

Moving forward, we are going to tell you How To Connect Vivint Camera To WiFi

Because we know that you have a factory reset the camera and now you are worried. 

How To Connect Vivint Camera To WiFi?

Connect Vivint Camera To WiFi

To connect the Vivint camera with your wifi, follow the steps that have been given below: 

  1. Disarm your system first 
  2. Go to the general settings first
  3. Click on the “menu” icon. Undermart home settings, click on “general” 
  4. Enter the PIN 
  5. Click on “connectivity” 
  6. Tap on wifi 
  7. Click on the line item above “info and diagnostics” 
  8. Select the name of your wifi network and enter the password
  9. The panel may take at least 5 minutes to reconnect
  10. Congratulations as you have connected the Vivint security camera to wifi. You will no longer complain about the Vivint Camera Offline issue

How to Fix When Security Camera Stop Recording?

Vivint Doorbell Camera Not Recording is one of the common issues after Vivint Camera Offline

Let’s first have a look at the reasons behind Vivint camera not recording

  • power connection issue
  • camera settings are not proper
  • The IP address is not unique 
  • Outdated firmware or software 
  • Faulty or damaged cables of Vivint camera
  • The wifi is not working fine

1. Check your wifi

One of the common reasons behind Vivint cameras not recording motion is the improper wifi connection. 

Hence, check if your wifi is working fine or not. 

If you have found any red light on the router then it simply means that the router is not working. Hence, call your internet service providers now. 

2. Restart the router

If you have found that the router is working fine then try to troubleshoot the issue by restarting your router. 

To do so, simply turn the router off and remove all the cables from it. Wait for some time and then reconnect the cables again. 

3. Check all the cables

Another thing that you can do to troubleshoot the issue is the cables that are connected with wifi and the camera. 

There are chances that those cables are not working now and that is why you are facing this issue. 

Remove the cables with the new one if found faulty. 

4. Vivint Camera Setting

It may also be possible that due to the wrong camera setting, you are dealing with the issue of Vivint Camera Not Recording

Hence, check the setting of the camera and change it if you find anything wrong. 

5. Reboot the device

Rebooting your camera is one of the best ways to deal with all types of technical glitches. If you need any help regarding the rebooting process then dial the given toll-free number now

6. Update the firmware

After a certain interval of time, the organization releases the update of the firmware so as to increase the performance. 

Hence, update the firmware and then check if the issue still persists or is resolved totally. 

Before downloading the update make sure to download the one that supports your device. 

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In this guide, we have told you all the troubleshooting steps that are enough to resolve Vivint Camera Offline and Vivint outdoor camera stop unexpectedly issues. 

In addition to that, we have also told you about other related problems and their solutions. We hope that all the steps are beneficial to you. 

Comment us below and write about your experience. 

You can also take help from our technicians who are waiting to answer your call.

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