Why Does Vivint Camera Keep Going Offline? Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Are you a little trembled because of the working of your security camera? It’s not new when a user complains that Vivint Camera Keeps Going Offline.

A bad internet connection is one of the main reasons why your Vivint camera is not working. Additionally, high bandwidth regulation, wireless interference, and changing router settings could be another possible reason for the same.

Without a quality internet connection, you won’t be able to enjoy the live view. Or else, your camera won’t record anything. This is why make sure whether your internet is working and providing good speed.

This is the troubleshooting guide, you will definitely find it useful. Apply all the steps one by one in order to resolve the problem.

Reasons: Vivint Camera Keeps Going Offline

It is imperative to understand why Vivint Camera Keeps Going Offline. Once you know about it, it would be easy for you to troubleshoot the Vivint security camera.

Possible reasons why is your Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline:

  1. Your wifi is down
  2. The wifi is placed far from the sync module
  3. Vivint camera is not synced with the base station properly
  4. Batteries are not appositely inserted
  5. Dead batteries

We can’t say clearly what is the main reason for the Vivint camera to go offline. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned reasons, let’s apply a few troubleshooting steps to improve the situation.

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Troubleshooting: Vivint Doorbell Camera Not Connecting To Wifi

If your Vivint security camera is offline, sync it with your base station properly; check your internet connection; put the base station within the connectivity range; and of course, don’t forget to check the batteries.

1. Sync Vivint Security Camera

You may have made some changes in your network recently and hence your Vivint camera is not working. Hence, it is important to sync the camera with the base station. The sync button is given at the back of the camera or nearby it.

2. Check Your Wifi Device

Are you completely sure that your wi-fi device is in working mode? As we have told you already, good wifi is very necessary for security devices. So, make sure your internet connection is in good condition and gives good speed. Contact your network service providers if you find anything wrong with wifi.

3. Move Base Station Close To Wifi

Too much distance between the base station and wifi could be the problem. This is why your Vivint Camera Keeps Going Offline. So, you need to move the base station a little close to the router. This may fix the issue and your camera will start recording again. Don’t forget to remove the obstacles from the path of the security cameras and wifi devices.

4. Check The Batteries Of The Camera

If your Vivint camera is not working, check the batteries of the camera. Sometimes, we insert the batteries incorrectly and hence the device stops working. So, you just need to check the batteries and put them correctly.

5. Make Sure Batteries Are In Working Condition

If the batteries are inserted correctly, make sure the batteries are in working condition. You may need to replace batteries with new ones. After doing that, restart the security camera and see if the issue gets fixed or not.

6. Restart the Vivint Camera & Wifi

If you have tried almost everything but still, Vivint Doorbell Camera Not Working, give your security device and wifi a quick restart. Sometimes, restarting helps to refix the problem without bothering you much.

7. Factory Reset the Security Camera

Have you tried all the troubleshooting steps but still Vivint Doorbell Camera Not Connecting to the internet? Resetting the device to factory settings is the best option in this scenario. This will help your device to reset to the factory settings. Once done, you need to set up your device again.

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In A Nutshell

It can be said that a security device is very necessary for the safety of our premises. For some reason, the device sometimes stops working. In this guide, we have discussed all the reasons and troubleshooting tips to fix it when Vivint Camera Keeps Going Offline. If you are looking for any help, dial the Vivint Customer Service Phone Number 1 805-791-2114.

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