How To Fix the Soliom Camera Offline Error?

Are you getting worried because of Soliom Camera Offline error? There is only use of the security camera once the device is connected to a good speed internet connection.

If your Soliom security camera is offline, check all the cable connections, wifi router, and distance between the router and sync module. We have researched and found some troubleshooting methods to fix the glitch. Let’s move further and dig into the solutions.

Why is Soliom Camera Offline?

Several reasons might be responsible for why is your Soliom Camera Offline.

  • If you have just switched ON the Soliom camera, it may take a few seconds to connect to the internet.
  • Soliom Camera is unable to connect to the wifi. The reasons could be the distance or any objects that are between the sync module and wifi.
  • Your wifi might have stopped working.
  • Very low internet speed.

We have mentioned the possible reasons why your soliom camera is offline. Let’s find out the ways to fix the glitch.

Steps to Fix Soliom Camera Offline Error

There is a high chance that your Soliom camera has lost its connection with the internet services. This is why your Solar Security camera is offline now. Other possible reasons could be high bandwidth usage, depleted battery, updated router settings, or wireless interference.

Follow the below-given steps to fix the glitch:

  1. Check the battery of the Soliom camera first. Damaged camera batteries might be responsible for the cause. If the battery is not charging, connect it to the power source.
  2. Replace the camera batteries if found damaged or not working.
  3. To check your wifi device, connect any other smartphone or anything with a similar network. This will verify whether your internet connection is working or not.
  4. Reset the Soliom Security Camera using a thin pin-like paper into the reset hole. This will delete all the past wifi settings. Complete the required setup of the Soliom camera and check if the Soliom Camera Offline error gets fixed or not.
  5. If you have reset the Soliom camera but it is still not online then check the settings on your router and modem. Wrong security camera settings might be responsible for why the Soliom camera is not online. Open the Soliom Camera App, check all the settings, and update it, in case you found anything wrong. You can also take the help of the User Guide or get in touch with us directly.
  6. There might be some high firewall security or strict parental control settings that are blocking communication. You need to fix the setting in order to get the Soliom camera back online.

Advanced Solutions

  1. If your wifi router has any beamforming feature, disable it and check if that fixes the error or not.
  2. You might have enabled the device priority feature for your wifi. This will limit the bandwidth usage for the Soliom camera. Check the settings and make sure you have not limited any device usage.
  3. Minimize the distance between the sync module and the wifi router. Many times, too much distance between both devices is responsible for why Solar Powered Security Camera is offline.
  4. You might have connected too many devices with a single wifi. This is the reason why your wifi is not emitting a proper signal to the Soliom camera. To fix the glitch, disconnect all other devices from the wifi apart from the Soliom camera. The offline error must have been fixed now.
  5. If you have checked and found the issue persists with your wifi, you need to contact your Internet Services Providers.

Why Does My Soliom Camera Say Offline?

Several reasons might be responsible for why your Soliom Camera Says Offline. It could be a depleted battery, updated router settings, high bandwidth usage, or wireless interference.

Soliom Camera Offline


To fix the Soliom Camera Offline error, there are a few steps that need to be applied. In this guide, we have mentioned the solutions. If you need some more help, get in touch with our team of experts today!

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