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Tips For Solar Security Camera Setup & Soliom Camera Troubleshooting

The Solar Security Camera setup is a very easy job to be completed. It’s quite easy to complete the setup for Soliom Camera. But, if you will not mount it in a proper way, the device may be stopped working.

If you have just set up for Soliom Camera but still the device is not recording properly, place the camera in the right spot. Hence, you need to be more careful for the first time.

If you are doing the soliom camera setup for the very first time, here are the 11 important tips to complete the setup.

9 Tips For Solar Security Camera Setup

If you are doing the setup for the soliom solar doorbell camera for the very first time, follow these given tips.

1. Internet Connectivity

No matter what, the Soliom Security Camera should be connected to a high-speed internet connection. If you are having a wireless security camera, place the router close to the base station. Smoother the connection would be, the camera will run effortlessly.

In other words, it can be said that a good speed internet connection is very necessary for the proper working of the camera.

2. Choose the Right Placement For the Camera

Apart from the internet connection, the right placement for the Soliom camera is quite necessary. If you want all the angles in a proper manner, place more than one camera for a better view and recording experience.

3. Protect the Cables

While doing the Solar Security Camera Setup, it is necessary to protect the cables. Hide the wires or protect them in a way that they couldn’t be affected. You can also choose the wireless camera over the wired one.

4. Video Management, Retrieval, and Storage

Soliom solar security camera comes with a very high storage capacity. Although, they can only hold a limited amount of data. It could be possible that the storage of the camera is full. Hence, you need to delete the stored footage.

5. Check the Lightning of the Camera

While doing the Solar Security Camera Setup, make sure you have placed the camera in the position where the object is in proper lights. Don’t place the camera in the position where its lens gets direct light.

6. Focus the Soliom Camera On The Main Door

While doing the soliom security camera outdoor wireless setup, always make sure that your device is covering the main door. This is very necessary for the security of your place. You will get notified when an unknown person will come to your place.

7. Use Indoor Camera In Indoor & Outdoor Camera For Outdoor Only

While you are purchasing the security camera, decide your needs first. If you are looking for an Outdoor Camera, you should go for the soliom s600. This is a solar-powered security camera and has to place in direct sunlight.

8. Go For Good Third-Party Cloud Services

It would be better if you will use good third-party cloud services. Let us tell you, the Soliom Camera consists of a lot of data and hence you must use third-party services for its storage.

9. Place Your Camera To Cover The Blind Spot

Make sure your soliom solar camera is covering all the blind stops, if not, this could be a risk for you. So, it is very necessary for you to check everything while doing the setup for the Solar Security Camera.

We hope that you have completely set up the Soliom camera. If you need any help, we are available.

Moving ahead, let’s see the steps for Soliom camera troubleshooting.

Soliom Camera Troubleshooting

While operating the soliom solar camera, you may have to face one or other issues. Below, we are going to tell you some troubleshooting steps that may help you to fix the errors.

Common problems with the Solar Security camera are mentioned below:-

  • The issue with the Soliom Security setup
  • Soliom Camera stopped working after the setup
  • The remote view of the camera is not working
  • Soliom LED lights are not working
  • The camera stopped working at night
  • Night vision of the Soliom Solar camera is not working

Here are the Soliom Camera Troubleshooting steps:-

1. Reboot the Camera

If you are facing minor issues with your security camera, reboot the device. Sometimes, a quick rebooting will help you to fix the issues easily. After rebooting the device, complete the setup again.

2. Make Sure IP Address Does Not Conflict

All the security camera have their own unique IP address. It could be possible that the IP address of your camera is conflicting with the other camera’s address and hence the device is not working.

3. Update the Soliom Camera

It is required to update the software of the device soon after it releases. This will help your device to perform better by ignoring all the glitches.

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Security cameras come with a number of different features and are very useful nowadays. In this guide, we have discussed everything about the Solar Security Camera. If you need any help with the setup of the camera, get in touch with us today.

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