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How To Fix When Reolink Not Working Effectively?

If you have recently noticed that your Reolink Not Working, there could be a number of reasons behind it. Sometimes, the Reolink security camera stops working because of faulty wifi while other times damaged power outlets or wrong camera positioning could be responsible. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss all the causes behind the issue. Also, we will let you know all the troubleshooting methods needed to fix the trouble. 

You can also call our team of Reolink camera experts. Call them on the given helpline numbers and they will provide you all the troubleshooting steps. 

Reasons Why Reolink Not Working Properly

When you have come to know that your security camera is not working properly, here are the causes: 

  1. Check The Power Connection 
  2. Check all the cables properly 
  3. Reboot your security camera 
  4. Update the Reolink software 
  5. Check the wifi connectivity 

How To Fix When Reolink Camera Not Recording?

If you have recently noticed that your Reolink Camera Not Working for a very long time, do follow the methods given below. We will follow all the methods one by one. Sometimes, you don’t even need to try all the methods and the issue got itself fixed just by trying one or two methods. 

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  • 1. Check The Power Connection 

First, you need to make sure whether you have inserted the power plug into the right wall socket or not. Also, check whether the power cable connected to your security camera is working properly or not. Replace the power cable with the new one and then check if it is starting recording again. 

If you have found that all the cables are working properly and still Reolink Not Working, check the batteries inside your camera. Turn off the camera and then replace the batteries with the new ones. 

In case your security camera still is not working then do call on our helpline numbers. Our technicians will fix the issue in a short possible time. 

  • 2. Verify All The Cable Connections 

It may be possible that you have not connected any of the cables properly inside the security camera. Hence, you need to verify that all the connected cables are in working condition. In case, you have found that any of the cables is not working then replace that with the new one. 

  • 3. Restart Your Reolink Security Camera 

In the world of technicians, it is believed that a restarting process is one of the best ways to fix the trouble. So, you don’t have to try more advanced steps, first restart your security camera now. 

To restart the camera, do follow the below-given steps: 

  1. Turn off the camera and then remove the power plug from the wall socket. 
  2. Remove all other cables connected to the CCTV camera. 
  3. Wait for at least 60 seconds and then reconnect all the cables again. 
  4. Turn on the Reolink security camera and check if it is starting working again. 
  • 4. Move Your Camera Near The Router

It may be possible that you have positioned the camera too far from the router. This is the reason why your device is not recording properly. Hence, change the position of your security camera and move it near to the router. 

  • 5. Update You Reolink Software 

The security system of the Reolink camera is controlled by the software installed in it. In case your camera will run on outdated software, you will end up facing the issues like Reolink Not Working, Reolink Connection Failed, or Reolink Camera Not Online

Hence, update the Reolink software with the latest version. You can download the latest software version from the web browser. If you don’t know how to update the software, call our experts now. 

  • 6. Check The Wifi Connectivity Issue

If you have tried each and everything and still your camera is not working then does check your wifi connection. There are chances that your router has stopped working. This is the only reason why Reolink has stopped recording. 

To check the working of your router, do connect any other device with the same network connection. If found anything wrong then restart your router or do call your network service providers. 

  • To restart your router, turn it off and then remove all the cables connected to it. 
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds and then reinsert all the cables again. 
  • Turn on the router and let it connect to the security camera. 
  • Press the power button and check if your camera has started working or still Reolink Not Working.

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Two More Words

In this article, we have discussed each and everything that is needed to fix why Reolink Not Working properly. Although, all the mentioned methods are required to easily fix the issue. But, if your camera is still not working properly then do call our experts. 

Our technicians are 24*7 available to help their users. They are having more than 10 years of experience in this field. They are able to troubleshoot any issue related to security cameras.

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