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There is no doubt that today Reolink has covered almost half of the market and the heart of millions of people across the world. This is all because of its quality products and the best services. Isn’t it? Everything is good with the Reolink cameras except the fact that sometimes Reolink Not Connecting To Wifi

We know that you are also one of those people who is looking for its troubleshooting method. Let us tell you that you have come to the right place. 

In this troubleshooting guide for Reolink Camera Not Online, you will be provided with all the solutions. 

Let’s begin… 

Easy Steps To Fix Reolink Not Connecting To Wifi

We have found some of the easy steps with the help of which you can easily fix the trouble. You just have to follow every point one by one. 

Reolink Not Connecting To Wifi

1. Check the Antennas

If you are dealing with the issue of Reolink Connection Failed then check the antenna properly. Many times because of the wrong antenna, the issue starts to persist. 

Hence, tighten the antenna or check if you have placed the batteries correctly or not. 

2. The camera is too far from the router

It may be possible that you have placed the camera too far from the router. Due to weak wifi connectivity your Reolink Not Connecting To Wifi

Hence, change the position of the camera of either the router and place it near to each other. 

To check the strength of the signal, follow the steps provided below: 

  • Open the “device settings” 
  • Choose the option of “wifi settings” 
  • Now, check the wifi signal bar so that you get to know if the signal is strong or not
  • In case you have found that the signal is very weak then the router is placed very far from the router

3. Weak Signal Because of Signal Interference From Other Wireless Devices

If still the issue persists then it may be possible that there is too much signal interference. Hence, remove any other devices that are connected with the router. 

Apart from this, remove the signal interference from the oath of the router and the camera like T.V, radio or microwave, etc. 

These all are some of the common issues and can be resolved easily with given methods. 

4. Restart The router

If you have tried everything and are still dealing with the issue then try to restart the router. To do so, simply remove all the cables from the router and wait for a while. 

Connect the wires again and then turn the device ON. check if the issue got resolved now or not. 

5. Check the Password

If you have tried everything but Reolink Not Connecting To Wifi then check the password of your router. 

There are chances you have entered the wrong password and it is because you are troubled with Reolink not Working

Apart from this, it is possible your password contains any special characters and you have forgotten to enter it. So, check again your password and if found anything wrong then enter it again. 

6. Encryption Methods Is Not Compatible With Wifi

There are chances that the encryption methods are not compatible with your wifi network. 

You can also contact Reolink Phone Number to get immediate solutions for all camera-related issues. 

All the steps that we have provided you above are enough to troubleshoot the concern. We are now moving forward with Reolink WiFi Camera Setup

Easy Steps For Reolink Wifi Camera Setup

If you have bought a new Reolink camera then you may find it hard to connect it with wifi. You can now follow the steps given below to complete the Reolink Wireless Camera Setup.

Reolink Wifi Camera Setup

  1. Connect your camera with the power source 
  2. Your PC should be in the wifi range 
  3. Now, connect your Reolink camera with the LAN port of the router via ethernet cable
  4. You need to launch the Reolink client now and then log into your camera 
  5. Select the “Device setting” button now
  6. Click on “Network” followed by wifi settings
  7. Press the SCAN button and then choose the wifi network that belongs to you
  8. Enter the password of the wifi and click OK 
  9. Once you will complete the process of WiFi Reolink Camera Setup, save the settings
  10. Now, you can disconnect the ethernet cable between the router and Reolink camera 
  11. Wait for a while and the camera will connect automatically with the router via wifi

How To Fix Reolink Camera Not Recording?

If your Reolink Camera Not Recording anything then try the methods that we have provided you below. 

1. Check Power Connection

We will start resolving the issue by checking the power connection of the Reolink Camera. It happens several times that a faulty connection and damaged power cables create the issue of Reolink Camera Not Working

2. Check The Settings

When the security cameras start showing some issues, one of the main reasons behind it in the settings. Just because of wrong camera settings, people have trouble with Reolink Connection Failed, Reolink Not Connecting To Wifi, Reolink Camera not recording at night, etc. 

Let us tell you, from the time you install the camera at your place, some of the settings will be enabled automatically and some will not. 

Hence, open the settings and then change them according to your requirements. 

3. Reboot The Reolink Camera

One of the common and easiest solutions in the world of technicians and troubleshooting methods is rebooting the device. 

Just by rebooting your camera, all the issues will be resolved automatically. 

4. Update The Software

After a certain interval of time, the manufacturer company releases the update of the software. With each update, all the glitches will be fixed automatically and you will also benefit from new features. 

So, go to the official website of Reolink and download the update to your device. Install the update to your Reolink Camera. 

Check now, if the issue of Reolink Camera Not Recording or Reolink Not Working resolved or not. 

5. Reset The Camera To Factory Default

The one and permanent solution for all the problems is the factory reset. When you will reset the camera to factory default then all the settings will be reset completely. 

All the security cameras come with a reset button at the back of the camera. With the help of a pin, press the button and set the camera to factory default. 

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In A Nutshell…

It can be said that while using the security cameras, you will encounter a number of glitches. To resolve them, we have provided you with all the troubleshooting steps. We really hope that all the steps are enough to troubleshoot Reolink Not Connecting to Wifi


In case you are still dealing with any issues then dial the given Reolink Phone Number. We have a team of dedicated technicians who will resolve all the camera-related issues in a second. 

So, don’t think much and dial a given toll-free number now.

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