Reolink Camera Not Recording

Reolink Camera Not Recording | How To Fix When Reolink Not Working

If you have found that your Reolink Camera Not Recording anything, there could be a number of different reasons behind it. To fix this problem, we first have to find all the possible causes, and then we will apply all the steps one by one. 

Security cameras are very useful today for personal and professional uses. But, most of the time these cameras stopped working effectively. 

Hence, in this guide, we are going to explain all the methods needed to fix the security camera problem. Are you ready? 

Why My Reolink Camera Not Recording?

We have done complete research and found some of the common causes behind the Reolink Connection Failed issue. Some of the causes have been mentioned below, have a look at them. 

  1. Outdated firmware 
  2. Wrong placement of Reolink camera 
  3. Physical hindrance 
  4. Batteries got discharged 
  5. Faulty SD card 
  6. Wrong PIR settings of the camera 

All the above-mentioned causes may or may not be responsible for why Reolink Camera Not Recording anything. 

Below, we are going to explain to you some methods that will help your camera start working again. Follow the methods one by one until the issue will not get fixed. 


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How To Fix When Reolink Not Working?

Curious to get your Reolink camera back in working mode? Here are some methods that will fix your Reolink security camera quickly. 

If you want then you can also call our team of experts who are waiting for your call. You can ask them anything you want. They will provide you with all the troubleshooting methods that will fix the Reolink Camera Not Recording problem.

  • 1. Check All The Cable Connections 

We will start this troubleshooting method from the basics. Hence, you need to verify whether all the cables are connected well with the camera and wall outlet or not. Until your camera will not be connected properly to the wall outlet, your device will not work. 

  • 2. Switch To Another Wall Outlet 

If you have come to know that all the cables are connected well but yet the Reolink Camera Not Recording anything. Do check whether the wall outlet has the power or not. In case the wall outlet shows any kind of error then switches to another power outlet. 

  • 3. Verify Your Internet Connection 

You should be aware of the fact that without a proper internet connection, your Reolink camera will not record a single thing. 

In case you are using a wired network connection, verify that all the cables have been connected accurately. Remove the wires from the devices and reinsert them again. 

For a wireless network connection, make sure that you have placed your camera within network circumference. 

  • 4. Replace The SD Card 

If you have come to know that all the connections with the security cameras are well and still it is not working. You need to check the SD card inserted into the camera. It may be possible that the SD card is defective and needs to be replaced with the new one. 

  • 5. Update The Firmware 

In today’s time, most of the security cameras start recording when they detect any kind of motion. But, when the algorithm is not calculated properly, you may have to face the issues like Reolink not Working. Hence, update the firmware of the router to its latest version. 

  • 6. Change The Positioning Of the Reolink Camera 

You should be aware of the fact that any kind of security camera will not record motions via window glass panel. Hence, you have to change the position of the Reolink camera and place it near the router. 

  • 7. Restart The Reolink Camera 

If you have tried all the steps and still your security camera is not working, do restart the camera. To do so, follow the steps given below: 

  • Turn off the power button of the Reolink security camera
  • Remove all the cables connected to it 
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds and then reconnect the cables again
  • Turn on the security camera to check whether it has started recording again or not 


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Normally, a lot of Reolink security camera users get a number of false alarms and notifications. We have told you everything needed to fix why your Reolink Camera Not Recording anything. Even after trying all the methods if your Camera still not recording anything then do call our team of experts now. 

They have been working with us for more than 10 years and they know everything about the security cameras. Ask them anything and anytime you want, they have the solution for every problem.

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