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Have you recently noticed that your Reolink Camera Not Online?

Most of the time, this issue occurs because of wrong camera settings, outdated firmware, improper cable connection or bad wifi configuration, etc. 

You no longer have to worry about anything because we are going to tell you all the troubleshooting methods required to fix Reolink Connection Failed issues. 

You can also call our technicians who are always ready to help their customers. They know each little detail about the Reolink security cameras. So, don’t waste your time and dial the given helpline numbers now. 

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How To Fix When Reolink Camera Not Online?

If you are eagerly waiting to make your Reolink camera back online again then you need to follow the methods written below. 

  1. Check the power and the security camera connection 
  2. Make sure that all the cable are connected properly 
  3. Check the settings of your Reolink security camera 
  4. Reboot the camera to fix the trouble
  5. Update the camera to the latest firmware 
  6. Reset the camera to the factory defaults

Step By Step Solution To Fix Why Reolink Camera Not Recording

We are going to tell you 6 methods that are required to fix why your Reolink Camera Not Online. Let us tell you that one of the major issues behind Reolink Not Connecting to WiFi could be a bad internet connection. Let’s know each and everything in a little detail. 

  • 1. Check The Power And Security Camera Connection 

Do you eagerly want to know why your security camera is not working? You have to check whether all the cables are connected properly or not. If you are doing the Reolink Camera Setup for the first time, you can take the help of the user guide that came along with the security camera. 

If you are using a wireless camera, you need to check whether your router is working properly or not. In case you are using a wired network connection, make sure you have connected all the cables tightly. 

  • 2. Replace All The Cables 

If your wifi is working properly and still your Reolink Camera Not Online then you need to replace all the cables. Sometimes, it’s the faulty cables that don’t let the security camera connect to the internet. 

Hence, check all the cables properly and replace the ones that are no longer needed. You can also take the help of technicians who are 24*7 ready to help their customers. 

  • 3. Check the settings of your Reolink security camera 

Most of the time, we forget to check the camera settings and get involved to check other things. We know that some of you complain that their camera is not recording 24*7, can’t connect to wi-fi, have no motion detection alerts, etc. All of these issues are caused because of the wrong camera setting. 

You can easily fix all the settings from your Reolink app. You can easily download the Reolink client on your computer. If you don’t know how to do it then ask our experts now. 

Reolink Camera Not Recording

  • 4. Reboot Your Device to fix the trouble

In the technical world, when you have come to know that any of your devices is not working then reboot your camera now. If you do want to reboot your security camera, then turn off the router and then remove all the cables from them. 

Now, you need to wait for some time and then reconnect the cables again. Turn on the camera again to check whether the Reolink Camera Offline issue got fixed. 

  • 5. Update the Device to the latest firmware 

The Reolink used to release the firmware updates after a regular interval of time so as to fix the glitches and add some new features. If you want to update the firmware to its latest update then go to the official website of Reolink and download the file to your computer system. 

Before downloading the latest firmware, don’t forget to check whether you are downloading the right version or not. 

  • 6. Reset the Device to the factory defaults

After trying all the methods if still your Reolink Camera Not Online then reset the camera to the factory defaults. This is one of the most workable methods that can fix any kind of technical glitches in a short possible time. 

You will find the reset button given at the bottom of the camera. If you will not find any button given there then take a needle and insert it into the reset hole given there.  When you will factory reset the camera, all of your settings and configuration will be deleted. 


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We would like to conclude this article on the point that check your internet connection if you have noticed that Reolink Camera Not Online. In this guide, we have given all the methods that are required to fix the error. In case you are still looking for some help then do call our experts now.

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