Red Light On Blink Sync Module

How To Quickly Fix Red Light On Blink Sync Module?

You get to know there is a Red Light On Blink Sync Modulewhat will be your next step? It’s not something that you can ignore. What you need is to follow this troubleshooting guide to fix the error.

Security cameras play a vital role for all homeowners. From anywhere anytime, you can keep an eye on your premises.

To fix the Blink Sync Module Red Light error, check the internet connection, insert new batteries, check camera settings, and see if the motion detector is working or not.

Let’s move further and know the meaning of the different color LED lights of the Blink security camera.

Blue, Green & Red Light On Blink Sync Module

If your Blink Camera Blinking Redit’s not always the issue of bad internet or low camera batteries.

You might have seen multiple flashing light signals on your Blink security camera like green, blue or red.

“Let’s say your Blink Camera Flashing Red 5 or 6 times. It clearly means that the battery of the camera is running completely low.”

In this reference, check the batteries and charge them completely.

“Let’s say Blink Sync Module Red Light is flashing frequently for a short time, it means that the internet is not properly working.”

“Green light on a Blink camera means the device found a local IP address.”

In the end, the blue light on the camera means that the internet connection has been restored successfully.

Why Is Blink Camera Blinking Red?

Asking why there is a Red Light On Blink Camera.

As we already mentioned above, a poor internet connection could be responsible for the red light error.

Here are the possible reasons why there is Red Light On Blink Sync Module:

  1. Wrong Blink camera setting
  2. The motion detector has stopped working
  3. All of your Blink cameras needs is quick resetting.

Now, the question arises of how one can fix the Blink camera red light error.

How To Fix the Blink Sync Module Red Light Error On Blink Outdoor, Indoor, XT, and, blink XT2 security camera?

No matter if you are using Blink Outdoor, Indoor, XT, and, blink XT2 security cameras, the troubleshooting process to fix the error is the same for all.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Check the Internet Connection

While doing the Blink Security Camera setup, make sure you are having a good speed internet connection.

The developers of Blink camera recommend pursuing high-speed internet only.

The minimum required speed of the network should be 2 MBPS. This will help the Blink camera to record everything smoothly.

If everything is fine with the internet connection, make sure the sync module has been placed close to the router.

Once the connection is established perfectly, Blink Sync Module Red Light will convert to green light.

2. Insert New Batteries

Let’s suppose that everything is fine with the internet connection. Now, the blue light on the camera goes out but again you say “My Blink Camera Is Blinking Red”.

If the solid red light appears for a while and then disappears again, it simply means that the battery of the Blink camera is not working.


  • Bring AA lithium batteries for the camera
  • Make sure the installed batteries are working fine
  • Check the lifespan of the batteries. Replace them with fresh ones if found damaged.

It is necessary to check the batteries of the camera regularly.

3. Check the Setting Of the Blink Camera

Sometimes, Red Light On Blink Sync Module happens due to a motion detection setting error.

In many cases, the flashing light on the camera comes out as blue while in other cases the light of the led flashes red.

From the camera setting, you can easily turn the On or Off indicator.

Many users used to turn off the LED light and make it disappear for the users.

To do the same, go to your camera. Near the serial number, you will see “REC LED” with two options, “ON/OFF”. You can turn it ON or OFF from here.

4. Check the Motion Detection Setting

Sometimes, the Blink Camera Blinking Red light occurs because of the motion detection setting of the camera. In order to fix such errors, consult with the experts as soon as possible. Dial Blink Camera Customer Service Number today!

Blink Camera Blinking Red

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Red Light On Blink Sync Module can occur because of various reasons. In this article, we have mentioned all the possible causes of the error. If you still need any help with your Blink security camera, let our team of experts help you!

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