How To Reset Wyze Cam? Wyze Cam Factory Reset

When it comes to affordability and quality security devices, Wyze cameras come on the top of the list. You can easily install this amazing device and enjoy the features like two-way communication and a live view camera feed. Yes, it may happen sometimes that the device stopped working due to one or other reasons. In that case, you must know How To Reset Wyze Cam.

It is not always required to reset the Wyze camera in the first go. Sometimes, you can resolve issues like this by restarting the device.

In this article, we are going to learn what we should do when Wyze Cam Stopped Working. If you need any help, dial the Wyze Customer Service Phone Number 1 805-791-2114.

Before Performing Steps For How To Reset Wyze Cam

You don’t need to perform Wyze Cam Factory Reset steps if your Wyze Cam Not Connecting or stopped working. We will try to fix the issue with easy troubleshooting methods first.

It might be possible that you have accidentally turned OFF the push notifications and end up thinking that Wyze Cam Not Recording Events. You may have submitted the wrong email address and because of this, you are not getting notifications related to footage.

If you have checked and found push notification is not the case. In this case, update the firmware of the router and see if the issue gets resolved or not.

An outdated firmware sometimes causes issues and you may face issues like Wyze Cam Connection Failed, Wyze Camera Not Responding to Alexa, or Wyze Cam Not Detecting Person.

Reinstall the Wyze cam app and see whether your problem gets resolved or not. You can download the app again from the app store or play store. After doing the same, if the issue is still not fixed, you need to know How To Reset Wyze Cam.

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Resetting Wyze Security Device

Have you tried all the above-given instructions but still your Wyze cam not working? Don’t worry, resetting the Wyze security camera to factory reset might work to fix the issue.

We are going to tell you the steps to reset Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam V2, And Wyze Cam Pan.

1. Reset Wyze Cam

  • To reset the Wyze Cam, remove the micro SD card from the security camera. If you leave the SD card into the camera before resetting it, it will cause you further issues.
  • At the bottom of the camera, press the setup button for about 20 seconds. Wait until the solid yellow light will not start blinking. It means Wyze Cam Setup is ON. Now, you can set up your camera again.

2. Reset Wyze Cam V2

This version of the Wyze camera is almost similar to the first version but has additional benefits like it is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Earlier, it was only compatible with Google Home only and it’s a huge improvement.

  • Before resetting the Wyze camera, it is important to remove the security card as you have done above.
  • Find the setup button and press & hold it. You don’t need to press the setup button for 20 seconds this time. Just press and hold it for 5 seconds maximum.
  • The Yellow LED light on the camera means that it is reset completely and now you need to set it up again. This is how to reset Wyze Cam V2.

3. Wyze Cam Pan Reset

The resetting process for Wyze Cam Pan is a bit different from Wyze Cam & Wyze Cam V2. This camera is advanced in features from the last two cameras and it also has movable parts.

The factory reset procedure is the same as you have done above. Simply find the reset buttons and long-press them until you will not see the yellow LED light on the camera.

After that, you need to go through the setup process again.

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As we have already told you already, the reset process for all the versions of Wyze security cameras is almost similar to each other. So, if your Wyze camera is not working properly, reset the Wyze camera to factory reset now.

Still, confused about How To Reset Wyze Cam? Dial the Wyze Cam Phone Number now!

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