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To fix the Blink Sync Module Offline issue, you would need to check your internet connectivity properly. It may be possible that your internet connection has stopped working and hence your camera is.

We would like to tell you that the Sync module is the brain of the whole system that helps to generate the commands from the app to the Blink servers and then back to your system. It just needs to have a good internet connection and nothing else.

Hence, it is necessary to place the Sync Module close to the router within the network circumference range. It would be better if you will put the module in a hidden location far from interference.

In this guide, we are going to discuss all the possible aspects of the Blink Sync Module Offline issue with its troubleshooting methods.

Why Is My Blink Sync Module Offline?

Above, we have already told you that a faulty internet connection is one of the main reasons why the Blink camera will not connect to the sync module.

Hence, it is very necessary to place the module close to the wifi device and far from the signal interferences. Weak wifi signals mean that your Blink camera may stop working or recording.

If you want then you can also take the help of our experts if your Blink camera not connecting to the sync module. Dial the Blink camera helpline number now if the issue does not get resolved.

How To Fix Blink Camera Sync Module Offline Issue?

On the top of the Blink camera app, if you will see the “Sync Module Offline” banner then do follow the below-given troubleshooting steps.

1. Sync Module Offline

You would need to reach the Blink Sync Module Offline screen, so tap on the banner.

2. Check The Wifi Router

First, you would need to check if your internet connection is working properly or not. To fix the issue with your internet, reboot the router.

3. Check The Screen Of Sync Module

Make sure that your Sync module is displaying a solid blue and solid green light. In case you are seeing any other light pattern then you would need to restart the router. For the same, turn OFF the router, remove the power adapter, and put it back after 10 seconds.

Wait for a while and then the sync module will reboot and show you a green and blue light within 45 seconds. If still there is no light then you would need to check the power supply. Now, check if the Blink Sync Module Offline issue gets fixed or not.

4. Move Sync Module Close To The Router

You may have placed the sync module far from the router. Hence, minimize the distance between the router and the sync module.

5. Troubleshooting

Now, reach the Sync Module settings screen by tapping on the Sync Module Status button and then use the troubleshooting/help link to continue.

Here, you will get the option to reset or change the wifi network to which your sync module is connected. For more help, dial the Blink Camera Customer Service number now.

Reset The Sync Module

We have told you all the possible aspects to fix the Blink Camera Not Recording issue. In case you have found that still the Blink Camera Offline issue is not fixed then you would need to reset it.

In order to reset the Sync module, you would need to press and hold the reset button given on the side of the device until the Blink camera flashing red light

The resetting process may take 15-20 seconds. Once the process is successful then you will see a solid green and blue light.

If you will reset the Sync Module in this way, it will put it into the “Setup mode”. All of your cameras will then go offline. Hence, you must delete the Sync Module from the Blink app and then install it again.

To delete and reinstall the sync module, here are the steps:

  1. In the Blink camera app, click on the? icon.
  2. Choose the option “Delete Sync Module”.
  3. Now, scan and enter the serial number of the module.
  4. Tap on “Delete”.
  5. Open the Home screen and then click on the “+” sign.
  6. Choose the option of “Blink Wireless Camera System”.
  7. Again, scan and enter the serial number of the sync module.
  8. Choose the Blink System.
  9. Tap on “Discover Device”.
  10. Click on “Join”.
  11. Select “Done”.

Now, do check if the Blink Sync Module Offline issue gets fixed or not.

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You can reset the Blink camera system but it is not necessary all the time. In this guide, we have discussed all the methods that will help you to fix the issue. Still, if there is anything that you would like to discuss with our experts then dial the given helpline number and fix the Blink Sync Module Offline issue now.

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