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In today’s era, we have almost every facility related to almost everything but we don’t have trust in anyone and that is why we needed a third eye which is also known as security cameras. Although you may find a number of security cameras in the market, deep down we all know that nothing is better than Blink security cameras. In this guide, we are going to tell you some important information related to Blink Security Cameras. Let’s first know How To Install Blink Security Camera.

We understand that it’s not easy to do Blink Camera Setup if it’s your first time. That is why we are going to provide you with simple steps below so that you can do it yourself. Get ready to learn something new today! Excited? 

Steps To Do Blink Security Camera Setup

Start following the steps given below in the same manner to do Blink Security Camera Setup

  • 1 Setup Sync Module

First, you need to set up a Blink sync module, for the same, open your play store or app store and search there for the “Blink for home” application. Download the Blink Camera app to your device and create an account by providing the information it will ask you. 

As soon as you will complete that, click on the logo of Blink camera and then tap on “add a device”. Give your camera a name and that could be “home” or “office”. 

Let us tell you that you have provided the camera name to the entire array of Blink Security Cameras so as to complete the setup of the Blink Indoor Home SecurityCamera System


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  • 2 Add Your Cameras

Now, you have completed the setup of Sync Module and now you have to configure your blink security camera. Open the blink app and then tap on “add camera” to add a blink camera. 

You will then see a choice between Blink XT and Blink indoor. When you will click on the camera, you will see a gif that shows you the instruction for “how to add a battery”. Insert the batteries. 

Now, you have to enter the serial number. You will find this number on the back of the camera. It’s up to you if you want to enter the serial number manually or scan the QR code. 

Soon after you have completed the setup, you can then give your cameras a different name. 

  • 3 Configure your Blink for Home cameras

You have now placed your camera and now it’s time to configure your Blink Indoor Camera. From the Blink Security Camera app, you can also change the settings like, enable/disable audio, setting intensity, and temperature. 

  • 4 Use your Camera Wisely

Congratulations! You have completed Blink Home Security camera Installation. Hence, you can now use your camera according to your requirements. 

Home Security Camera Installation Service Near Me

While using Blink Surveillance cameras, you may encounter a number of issues and that is why we are providing you our toll-free number of Blink Camera Customer Services. They are the ones who can troubleshoot any issue related to Blink cameras. 

Moving forward, let’s have a look at some issues related to blink camera: 

  • 1 Blink Camera Not Working Red Light

If you have encountered that your blink camera is not working properly and showing red light then it simply means that you are not connected with the network. Hence, check if your wifi network is working properly or not. If everything is fine with your network then make a call on our Blink Camera Customer Service Phone Number now. 

Or else, you can try to reset your security camera by inserting a thin object into the reset designating space on a Blink camera. If you will see red light turn to green then it means that you can use your camera. 

  • 2 Blink Camera Video Stopped Unexpectedly

There are times when you face issues like this but don’t worry as we are here with you. You just have to restart your camera first, if that will not solve the issue then check if the battery is working fine or not. 

Also, you can call us on Blink Camera Customer Service Number.  We are 24*7 accessible to you. 


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Last Words…

Although we have provided you with all the necessary information that you need to install Blink Security Camera. In case, you are still dealing with any issue then call us now on our toll-free numbers now. The team of dedicated technicians that we have been working for many years, hence for them it’s easy to resolve anything.

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