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Hey! Why are you looking worried? Wait! Is it a Blink Camera Offline issue?

There is no doubt in the fact that security cameras have become a necessary part of almost all of our lives. 

Sometimes, these devices start showing one or other kinds of problems and one of them is offline issues in Blink security cameras.

So, if you are one of those users whose camera is not recording anything then this guide is for you.

First, we will try to find out why Blink Camera goes offline, and then we will jump towards the troubleshooting methods.

Why Is My Blink Camera Offline?

Not just one or two but there could be a number of reasons that could be responsible why Blink Camera Not Working and showing offline.

Some of the main causes that could be responsible for the Blink Camera Offline issue are mentioned below:

  1. Power Connection Is Not Appropriate.
  2. Wifi Has Stopped Working
  3. Wifi Congestion
  4. Blink Camera Is Not Placed On An Ideal Location
  5. Any Other Device Is Creating The Network Interference

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How To Fix When Blink Camera Goes Offline?

If your Blink Camera Offline, you should check the router and if found anything wrong then restart the router and the Blink camera. Apart from this, move your Blink security camera close to the router.

Let’s try to know the troubleshooting methods in a little detail.

1. Cables Should Be Connected Properly

It is very necessary to check whether all the cables are connected to the power source or not. It may be possible that you have accidentally forgotten to turn on the wifi switch. This is why your Blink Camera Not Recording Clips.

Hence, go through all the cables and connect them properly so as to resolve Blink Camera Offline issues.

2. Restart Your Router

If your camera is showing offline then you must try to connect it to the available internet connection. In case you have found that the router is not working properly, this could be the main reason why Blink Camera Connected but Not Working

Hence, you should restart the router to make your wifi connection stable. When you restart the router, the internet will first go off and then turn On again. 

3. Check The Signal Strength

It would be better if you will check the wifi signal transmission as this may help you to get your camera back online again. You can check the signal strength directly from the mobile application.

It may be possible that the signal is not reaching the camera because of obstacles like walls or other devices. Hence, you will have to remove all the obstacles in order to troubleshoot Blink Camera Offline issues.

4. Move Blink Camera To An Ideal Location

It is very necessary to place the Blink Security Camera in an ideal location. It simply means that your camera should be placed within the network circumference.

If you will position the security camera far from the router, it is obvious that it will not connect to the internet.

5. Use Wifi Extenders

If you can’t change the position of your Blink Camera but the router is far from the camera, in this case, you can use wifi extenders. This will extend the wi-fi strength and your camera will connect to the wifi easily.

6. Factory Reset Blink Security Camera

This is one of those troubleshooting methods that will definitely fix the problem. But, we should try this method when all the mentioned steps will fail to fix the problem.

When you will reset the camera, all the settings will be saved as default. This is How To Reset Blink Camera System.

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Still Your Blink Camera Offline?

Blink Camera Offline issue is one of the most common camera-related issues. If you want your camera to start working again then you first need to fix this problem. In this guide, we have discussed all the causes with the troubleshooting methods.

We hope that your camera has started working after following all the mentioned methods. If the camera is still in offline mode then do call our experts now. Our technicians will pick the call and let you know how to fix the problem.

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