Blink Camera Not Recording Clips

How To Fix When Blink Camera Not Recording Clips? Here Are The Troubleshooting Tips

Angry face with a lot of questions in mind? Ahh! We know what you are looking for. In this guide, you will get everything you are looking for. We understand that security cameras have a huge importance in everyone’s life not only for professional purposes but for personal too. Sometimes, users faced their Blink Camera Not Recording Clips

If you are also dealing with the same issue follow this amazing and informative guide. All the methods are enough to fix the trouble of Blink Camera Not Recording Motion

So, just smile and be ready to resolve the issue by yourself. Today you are going to learn something new… 

Why Is My Blink Camera Not Recording?

There could be a number of possible reasons behind Blink Camera Not Recording Clips. Hence, we have to find the main cause first to fix the issue. 

Some of the main reasons  why Blink Camera Is Not Recording are as follows: 

  • You have not plugged the Blink camera to the power outlet 
  • The Sync Module is not able to communicate properly with the camera 
  • The Blink Camera is not getting appropriate signals 
  • Wifi is not running well 
  • You have placed the Blink camera outside the connectivity range 
  • Any of the cables are not connected properly 

No matter what is the main issue above all, we will definitely fix the issue for you. So, let’s move further towards the troubleshooting steps


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How To Fix When Blink Camera Not Working?

When you have found that your camera is not recording clips, check all the methods one by one and fix the issue. 

  • Check all the Cables properly

Sometimes it happens that we forget to plug in the power plug properly and think that our camera is not recording anything. So, we would like to suggest you check all the wires carefully. Reinsert them and then see if your camera starts working again or not. 

If the issue of blink Camera Not Working still persists then jump to the next methods to fix the trouble. 

  • Check The Batteries 

If you have checked all the cables and found nothing then check the batteries that you have inserted inside the cameras. It may be possible that you accidentally inserted batteries wrongly 

  • Check The Router

Have you checked your internet connection? Yes, there are chances that your wifi is down and that is why your Blink Camera Not Recording Clips

To check your internet connection, try to connect any other device with the same network. Check the speed and if found anything wrong then jump to the next step. 

  • Restart the Router

If you have checked your router and found that router is not working fine then restart the camera before calling your internet service provider.

We don’t know that you believe it or not but many times a quick restart is enough to deal with any technical glitches. 

  • Put The Camera Near The Router

If you have found that your wifi is working fine but still Blink Camera Motion Sensor Not Working. It may be possible that you have placed the camera too far from the router. 

So, minimize the distance between the camera and the router and then check again. We really hope that the issue will get resolved now. 

  • Remove Obstacles From the Path Of Router And Camera 

Your camera may not be working perfectly because of the obstacles in between the path of the camera and the router. So, remove all the electronic devices that you have placed in between the router and the camera like any radio, T.V, etc. 

  • Factory Reset

If you have tried each and everything and still the issue is troubling you then reset the camera. This will reset all the settings and troubleshoot all the issues that are irritating you. 

Advanced TroubleShooting Method For Blink Camera Not Recording Clips

Here are the advanced troubleshooting steps to fix Blink Camera Live View Not Working. We know that some of you may be still troubling with the issue. So, here is the solution

  1. First, you need to move your Blink security camera near the sync module 
  2. There would be 3 signal strength for “camera to wifi” and “camera to sync module” 
  3. Now, you have to remove the power plug of the camera and wait for a while. Connect it with the power adapter again and then check if you got the solution of Blink Camera Not Recording Clips Or not
  4. If the issue still persists then you have to power recycle your Blink camera. To do so, remove the battery completely from the camera and insert them again after some time. 
  5. In case the camera still is not responding then try to connect the camera with any power outlet or with your computer using a USB cable. While doing so don’t forget to remove the batteries as it may be possible that batteries got damaged or your power outlet is stopped working
  6. And this is how you can easily fix the issue easily by yourself. We know that all the steps that we have provided you are a little tough but if you will read the guide carefully and apply each step one by one, you will definitely get the solution for sure. 

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Are You Happy Now???


We have tried our best to deliver you with a perfect solution so that you can troubleshoot the issue easily. All the steps that we have provided you are practically used by our many users and no one has ever complained yet. 

In case, you have tried the methods and still, your Blink Security Camera Not recording Clips call us now on the given helpline numbers. Yes, you can talk with us directly and let us know where you have gone wrong. 

Our technicians will let you provide the exact solution in a short possible time. They have years of experience in this field. So, don’t stress much and call us now on the given helpline number 8057912114.

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