Blink Camera Night Vision Not Working

How To Fix When Blink Camera Night Vision Not Working?

Security cameras are really important nowadays. Although you will have a number of other options available in the market, Blink cameras are really extraordinary. They are very easy to set up and can easily capture the videos during the day as well as at night. Sometimes, the users complain that Blink Camera Night Vision Not Working.

If the night vision of your Blink Camera is not working, check the infrared LED lights. To adjust the night vision settings, you can open the Blink camera app.

The work of IR LEDs is to lighten up the area where the camera is recording. Due to any reason, if the sensor gets blocked, the IR Illuminator will not work properly.

Moving ahead, let’s find out how to fix it when Blink camera night vision is blurry.

Why Is Blink Camera Night Vision Not Working?

It might be possible that Blink Camera Night Vision Settings are not accurate. This could be one of the main reasons why night vision not working on the camera. Other necessary reasons could be Infrared camera problems, issues with the baby monitor, etc.

1. Security Cameras and Night Vision

Before you proceed to fix the night vision issue, you need to know how it works. The night vision works with the help of LED bulbs. These bulls turn ON in the dark and act as a floodlight for the camera.

The cause of Blink Camera Night Vision Not Working is often that there is too much light in the area surrounding the camera. In other words, the light won’t activate until it’s dark there. In this condition, you can’t say that the Blink Camera Not Working.

2. Infrared Camera Problems

If you have adjusted the lights near the camera but it is not working, you need to apply a few Blink Camera Troubleshooting steps to find out why the night vision is not working on your security camera.

So, open the settings of the camera and make sure the night vision mode is turned ON. you will see the set with the name “infrared mode” and not “night vision.”

3. Restart the Blink Camera

If you have tried troubleshooting but still the night vision not working on Blink camera then restart the device. Simply, turn off the Blink camera, remove the power plug and wait for a while. Then, reconnect the power plug back to the power adapter and turn ON the device again.

4. Check the Software Update

Test your camera by taking it to a dark place. This will let you confirm whether the camera is working under a proper environmental factor or not.

If your camera is still not working then check the latest updates on the manufacturer’s website. If you find any updates on the site, do it and see if that works to resolve the issue.

5. Troubleshoot the Baby Monitor

It could be possible that the night vision error could be related to the baby monitor of the camera. Some troubleshooting steps with the baby monitor might fix the error.

Check the batteries if the Blink Camera Night Vision Not Working. If they are damaged then you need to replace them. Try to connect the camera using a different power cord or else, connect it to any other power outlet.

If you want, you can also reset the Baby Monitor to the default settings. Doing this will save all the settings back to default.

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Last Words…

Blink security cameras come with many amazing features but sometimes you might get disappointed. In this guide, we have told you all the troubleshooting steps. Try the above-mentioned steps if your Blink Night Vision Not Working.

For more help, get in touch with our team of experts today!

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