Arlo Won’t Connect To Wifi

How To Troubleshoot When Arlo Won’t Connect to Wifi?

Have you recently come to know that your Arlo Won’t Connect To Wifi? We know that it could be a little hard for you to fix this issue by yourself. But, if you will completely follow this guide in the same given manner, your camera will get back online again. 

We first have to find the main reason why your Arlo camera is not connecting to the internet. After that, we will follow all the steps one by one until the camera will not connect back to your network connection. 

You can also take the help of our technicians who have more than 10 years of experience in this field. They know and everything about the Arlo camera and can fix any issue quickly.


How Do You Fix When Arlo Won’t Connect To Wifi?

To fix the connectivity issue related to your Arlo Security Camera, follow all the steps one by one. 

  • 1. Sync The Security Camera To The Base Station 

It could be possible that you have recently switched to a new router or you have made some changes to it. Go to your base station and then press and release the sync button given on it. 

When you press the button, the LED light will blink for 10 seconds and then your camera will be back online. 

  • 2. Make Sure The Batteries Are Properly Inserted 

Remove the battery from your Arlo camera and then reinsert it again into the camera. After doing that, notice the LED behavior. 

  • No LED lights inside the camera mean that you have not inserted the batteries properly. Or else, the batteries need to be replaced with new ones. 
  • If the LED light on the base station blinks in blue color rapidly, it means that the camera has been synced with the base station. 
  • In case the LED light only blinks once in the blue color, you need to sync it again. 
  • If the LED blinks amber, do replace the batteries with the new ones. 
  • 3. Check The Connectivity 

  • Make sure that you have positioned the Arlo camera at a distance of 300 feet from Arlo SmartHub. If you place the camera far apart from the base station, it won’t connect to the wifi. 
  • Check the number of walls between the Arlo camera and the base station, or the wifi router. Thick walls or any other kind of metal object could be the main reasons why Arlo Won’t Connect To Wi-fi
  • It could be possible that you have connected too many devices with single wifi. Hence, due to the wifi congestion issue, your Arlo Camera Offline
  • 4. Check The Status Of Base Station

  • If you have found that the LED light on your base station is solid green, it means that the base station is properly connected to the camera. 
  • If your LED is amber, it means that your base station has not been connected to the internet. Make sure that the ethernet cable is connected with the LAN connection. For more information related to the Arlo camera, you may contact our network service provider. 
  • 5. Ensure Base Station Synced To The Camera

  • You have to check the last recording that your Arlo camera has recorded. When you have found that your camera hasn’t recorded anything for a long time. It means that your camera hasn’t synced with the base station. 
  • Reinsert the battery into your camera and check whether the issues of Arlo Camera Keeps Going Offline got resolved. 

How To Connect Base Station to WiFi?

If you do want to connect your Arlo camera to another wifi network, do follow the steps given below: 

  1. To complete Arlo Camera Setup, you first have to download the Arlo app to your smartphone. 
  2. Log into the Arlo account with your email id and password. 
  3. Click on “settings” and go to “My Devices”. 
  4. When you will see a list of cameras there, click on “Arlo Baby” to select it. 
  5. Do click on “device settings”. 
  6. Click on a wifi network that you want your Arlo camera to connect with. 
  7. Enter the password of the current wifi. 
  8. Click on “Continue” to proceed further. 
  9. Follow all the on-screen instructions to connect the Arlo camera to the base station. 
  10. Save the settings. 

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In this guide, we have told you everything that is needed to fix when Arlo Won’t Connect To Wifi. If you have applied all the methods and still your Arlo is not connecting to the internet, do call our team of experts. 

The team of technicians that we have is round the clock ready to help their customers. You can ask them anything related to Arlo cameras. They have more than 10 years of experience in this field. Hence, don’t waste your time and call our experts now.

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