Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion

How To Fix It When Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion?

Are you a bit worried because your Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion? Want to figure out what is the main reason behind the issue?

If your Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion, check the position of the camera and the low motion sensitivity setting. Make sure that Arlo notifications are registered.

In this guide, we are going to tell you all the possible reasons that are responsible for the cause. Let’s move ahead and figure out why is Arlo Camera Not Recording Motion.

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Why Is My Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion?

Motion Detection is the feature with the help of which you will get the notifications automatically once your device will detect any motion.

Motion sensitivity setting and the position of the Arlo camera are the two factors upon which the functionality of the device depends.

Here are the reasons why Arlo Camera Not Picking Up Motion:

1. Position Of Arlo Camera Is Not Accurate

You might have registered the Arlo camera in an inaccurate position. This is why your Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion.

2. Motion Sensitivity

The motion sensitivity setting might be set too low and this is the reason why Arlo Camera Not Working anymore.

3. No Notifications

You may not have added any email to the account and this is why you are not getting the notifications or recording the footage.

4. Rule Not Enabled

It could be possible that the motion detection feature rule is not enabled yet from the Arlo camera. This is why Arlo Camera Not Recording When Motion Detected.

5. Damaged Hardware

Hardware damage could be another possible reason why is Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion.

Troubleshooting When Arlo Not Recording All Motion

Here are the steps to complete the Arlo Troubleshooting when the camera stopped working:

1. Adjust Arlo Camera Position

Try to adjust the position of the Arlo camera, which could help to fix the motion detection error. This is the first troubleshooting method to fix the issue.

First, you need to decide the area you want to monitor. To move the camera respectively, use the adjustable mount latch.

As far as you will position the camera from the front door or main area, it will cover much better. Before proceeding further, make sure your camera starts detecting the motion and covering everything properly.

2. Enable the Notifications Of Arlo Camera

There are chances that your Arlo camera is detecting motion but it is not sending you the notifications.

To set up the Arlo notifications, follow the below-given steps:

  • Either log into the Arlo app from your smartphone or via the website.
  • Tap on “Mode” and choose your Arlo camera.
  • Click on the “Pencil” icon given in the bottom left.
  • Push “Notifications” and choose “Email Alerts”.
  • Enter the email twice.
  • Confirm the email.

Every time the Arlo camera will record anything, you will get a notification on your email.

3. Charge the Arlo Camera

Arlo security cameras come in two types. Most of the Arlo security cameras charge manually using the power adapter and the rest of them use a cable while on the mount.

If you are using an Arlo Pro, don’t forget to unmount the device and then charge:

  • Slide the camera and then remove it from the base mount.
  • Pull the camera
  • Now, charge the Arlo camera for about the 1-2 hours
  • Reinstall the Arlo device on the wall mount now

Check if the issue is resolved or still your Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion.

4. Adjust the Motion Rule

Adjust the modes or rules on the Arlo camera and see if the issue gets resolved to do this or not.

Here are the steps to put the Arlo camera into detect motion rule:

  • Open the Arlo app on your smartphone
  • Go to the “Mods” tab
  • Select the “Arlo Units” that is giving the problems
  • Scroll down to the mods and select the “Action” tab
  • Now, you can do the adjustment of the “motion-detecting video length” and notifications
  • Save the changes

After doing that, check if your Arlo has started recording or not.

5. Reinsert the Battery In Arlo Camera

Tried everything but still, is your Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion? Reinsert the battery into the Arlo and see if the issue gets resolved or not.

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Bottom Line

In the last of the article, it can be said that reposition the camera and reinsert the battery if your Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion. Don’t forget to enable the notifications and make sure your camera is charged completely. For more help, dial the Arlo Customer Service Phone Number now.

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