Arlo Camera Not Charging

Quick Fix When Arlo Camera Not Charging

Ohh! So you are frustrated that your Arlo Camera Not Charging anymore huh? It could be possible that the charging cables are not working properly.

Let us tell you that if you do not connect the cables to the right port, it will not charge and your camera will stop working.

Hence, if your Arlo camera Camera Not Charging, make sure you have inserted the power cable into the right port. Apart from this, make sure your cable is working properly and getting the appropriate power to charge the Arlo camera.

If you are using any solar panel for charging, replace it in the place with more light exposure. Here is the guide that will help you to fix the charging issue with the Arlo.

Reasons Why Arlo Camera Not Charging

If your Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera Not Connecting because of the discharged battery, here are the possible reasons.

1. Incorrect Cable Connections

It could be possible that the cables you are using to connect the Arlo camera are damaged. Hence, look out for those and replace them if they have stopped working.

2. Change the Solar Panel Location

You may have installed the Solar Panel in a location with less light. Hence, change the position of the solar panel and see if the issue has been resolved or not.

3. Dead Camera Batteries

Dead camera batteries could be one of the main reasons why your Arlo Camera Not Charging. So, try to replace the batteries with the new ones and check if the device starts charging or not.

4. Poor Maintenance Of Arlo Camera

You may not have maintained the Arlo camera since purchase. This is why Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion. So, call the experts and ask them to complete the maintenance.

Solutions For Arlo Camera Not Charging Issue

Here is the step by step solutions to fix the Arlo Camera problem:

1. Connect All the Cables Properly

One of the best ways to fix the charging problem with Arlo cameras is by checking the connected cables. Always connect the power adapter with the best power units. Use the fast charging cable for better results.

  • Remove the charging cable from the Arlo camera.
  • Wait for at least 10 seconds and then reconnect the cable again.
  • Connect it properly and check twice.
  • Once the camera will be connected properly, the charging light will be turned ON.

At the time of charging the Arlo camera via solar panel, make sure the special lock on the cable is in place. 

2. Monitor the Arlo Camera Usage

Monitoring the Arlo camera usage can be beneficial for Arlo Troubleshooting. Make sure it is facing in the right direction for longer usage of the battery. The battery of the device is draining because you may have left the sensors on.

Continuous recharging cycles can also be responsible for the Arlo Camera Not Charging issue. Make sure you are charging the battery of the Arlo camera according to the time given by the manufacturers.

If you let your camera record for a short period of time, you won’t let it charge again so often.

3. Relocate the Panel For More Exposure

If your Arlo Camera Not Recording Motion because of discharge batteries, relocate the panel for more exposure.

  • First, remove the panel from the initially installed location.
  • Put it in a high place under direct sunlight exposure.
  • Elevate the panel so that it will collect the sunlight all day long.

After you reinstall the panel successfully, reconnect the charging cable and see if the issue gets resolved or not.

4. Ensure Good Arlo Camera Usage

The condition of the camera or how you treat it or where you have placed it decides its works which include charging too.

You can follow the given steps to main the camera:

  • Complete the Arlo camera charging using the recommended cables only.
  • Make sure you have kept the cameras at 32 degrees as recommended.
  • Before connecting the camera to the panel, make sure it is fully charged.
  • Replace the camera batteries with new ones if your Arlo Camera Not Charging.

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Final Words

If your Arlo Camera Not Charging properly, checking the cables and batteries is one of the top prior steps. In this guide, we have clearly mentioned all the Arlo Troubleshooting steps. If you need any more help, get in touch with our team of experts now.

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