How To Fix Arlo Base Station Offline | Arlo Camera Offline 

The role of the base station is to connect the Arlo security camera with the wifi network. But, it happens most of the time that a user faces the issue of Arlo Base Station Offline. Because of this problem, you may have to deal with the concerns like Arlo Won’t Connect To Wifi, Arlo Camera Keeps Going Offline, etc. 

Hence, if you want to get rid of the issue, you have to follow certain steps and guidelines. In this guide, we are going to explain how to get your base station online with quick easy methods. 

Reasons Why I Am Facing Arlo Base Station Offline Issue

To fix the Arlo Base Station Offline issue, it is necessary to know all the root causes.  Hence, understand the given points after reading them carefully. 

  • 1. Slow Network Connection

If your Arlo Camera Offline, there are chances that the base station is not synced with the camera. Or else, your internet connection is running very slow. 

Hence, you should check the speed of the current network connection. In case you found anything wrong with the internet contact your network service providers. 

  • 2. Improper Network Configuration 

Till the time you will not sync the Arlo with the base station or it is not configured properly, your Arlo Camera Not  Recording.

For any additional help, you can take help from our experts. 

  • 3. Router’s Firmware Is Outdated

It may also be possible that the firmware of your router is outdated and this is why your Arlo Camera Going Offline.

Hence, you have to check whether the router’s firmware is up to date or not. If you found that the router is not up to date, complete the update now. 

Troubleshooting Tips To Fix Arlo Camera Offline 


  • 1. Verify All The Network Connection

We will start fixing this error from the basic troubleshooting tips to the most advanced ones. First, you need to verify whether all the cables are properly inserted into their slots or not. 

In addition to that, you also need to replace the cables that are not currently working. 

  • 2. Check The Ethernet Cables

Most of the time, we used to ignore the minor loopholes, and hence issues like Arlo Base Station Offline occur. Hence, you need to check each little thing properly until your Arlo camera will not start recording properly. 

  • 3. Check Your Power Adapter 

You need to verify whether the power adapter that is connected with the security camera is working properly or not. 

It could be possible that the electricity is not passing through the cable. In this case, you need to replace the cable with the new one. 

  • 4. Ensure Your Camera Is Synced With Base Station

To check whether your camera is synced with the base station or not, check the last recording. If you will find that the Arlo camera hasn’t recorded anything for a very long time, this simply means that the camera is not synced with the base station. 

  • 5. Move The Arlo Near The Base Station

Several times the Arlo Base Station offline issue occurs because of the distance between the camera and the base station. Hence, bring the Arlo security camera close to the router and then check if the camera starts working again. 

  • 6. Resync The Arlo Camera Again

Most of the time this issue occurs after you switched to a new router. Hence, press and then release the sync button given on the Arlo base station. The Led light given on the base station will only blink for 10 seconds and then your base station will go back online again. 

  • 7. Restart The Arlo Camera 

Restart your security camera if still your Arlo Base Station Offline. To do so, turn off the camera and remove the power plug from the power outlet. Take out the batteries and put them back in the battery compartment after 5 seconds. 

Turn on the camera again and then notice Led behavior of the light: 

  • If there is no Led light inside the camera, it means that the batteries are not inserted properly. 
  • If you see a blue Led light blinks rapidly it means that the camera has been synced with the base station. 
  • In case the blue Led light will blink only for one time, it means it’s in the initial turning on phase. Hence, you have to wait for at least 20 to 30 seconds until the Led light will stop blinking. 
  • If the Led lights will blink amber, you may need to replace the batteries with the new ones. 
  • 8. Notice The Led Behaviours 

If you have restarted the camera, notice the Led light behavior again: 

  • The blue color Led light means that your Arlo Go has been connected properly with the cloud. Hence, to fix Arlo Base Station Offline issues you have to log into the account again. 
  • If the Led light of the Arlo camera is glowing in Blue steady light, it means that your camera has not been configured properly. 
  • 9. Factory Reset The Camera 

With the help of this process, you can easily get back your Arlo camera in online mode. Actually, doing a factory reset will take your security camera to the default settings and find Arlo Base Station Offline issue. 

To do so, you just have to press the reset button that is given at the back of the camera. Soon after you will do that, you first see a blinking Led of amber color that will turn to solid green. It means that your camera has been set to default again. 


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At the end of this article, we just want to say that the issue of the Arlo Base Station Offline is very common. To fix this problem we have told you all the required methods. Hence, repeat all the steps practical to fix why Arlo Not Recording All Motion and showing offline. 

You can also take additional help from our experts who are waiting for your phone call. They are having years of experience and they are capable enough to fix several Arlo camera issues like Arlo Camera offline, Arlo camera not connecting, Arlo base station lights problem, etc.

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