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Do you know how to do the Amcrest Security Camera Installation? In this guide, we will tell you about every little point that will help you to do Amcrest Security Camera Setup. With the time that is going on, it is really hard to trust anyone and that’s the reason why security cameras are necessary. In addition to that, no one will harm your premises or other equipment when he/she is under the cameras. 

How To Do Amcrest Security Camera Installation Setup? 

Using the p2p setup method, connect your camera with the tablet or smartphone. This is because you have set up the camera already on the internet. Download the Amcrest mobile app to your smartphone after connecting a device with wifi. 

  1. Open the packet of the Amcrest Security Camera with love and connect it to the power supply including a power adapter. It may take some time to start up and initialize which is normal. 
  2. Now, connect the camera with your internet, no matter wired or wireless. You can do this step either by setup method or desktop access method. In case, you are facing any issue while performing Amcrest Outdoor camera installation then you can call directly on Amcrest Camera Customer Service anytime.
  3. Now, you have to open the Amcrest view on your device. 
  4. To open the menu, you have to click on the top left of the menu icon. 
  5. From the menu, click on the “Device Manager”.
  6. When you will see the option of device manager, select the choice of “+”, click on that
  7. Now, you have to choose the device type, you want to connect to Amcrest view. 
  8. Tap on the option of “Set up A New Camera On Wifi”, to add the device. Choose your connection type accordingly. 


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Scan The QR Code

After completing the steps given above, now you have to continue with the steps given below:

  1. To scan the QR code, the camera will be opened on your mobile phone to add the Amcrest view. You will also have the option to add the serial number manually. After that, your mobile device may ask you about permissions so that you can use the application. Click on yes, or accept the terms so that you can easily scan the QR code. 
  2. When you will add the serial number to your application, or scan the QR code properly, you can then give your camera a name. You can name your camera anything you want, it would be totally your choice. 

Username And Password Of Amcrest Security Camera

  1. Soon after you give your camera a name, you then have to enter the username and the password of the camera. Admin would be the default username and the password. 
  2. Once you will enter this information, click on “next” to continue. 
  3. Now, enter the password of the wifi on your screen, when the popup window will open. If you have already connected your mobile device with the wifi network then Network SSID will be entered automatically. 
  4. It will take some time to connect with the network, wait till then. You will soon see the message “camera successfully connected”. You can begin viewing your camera by clicking on “start live preview”. 
  5. Now, you will be asked to change the password. Enter the password within the length of 32 characters. When you will enter the new password, click on “start live view”. 

Above we have told you all the necessary steps so that you can easily install Amcrest Security Camera. Even after applying all the steps if you are still facing any kind of issue then you can also take help from Amcrest Camera Security Service. They will not just tell you how to do Amcrest Security Camera Setup, but you can also ask them about Amcrest Video Security System, Amcrest Outdoor  CCTV Camera Installation, etc. 

They will resolve such issues in a very short period of time. Moving forward let’s have a look at Amcrest Camera Not Recording Motion

Why Is My Amcrest Camera Not Recording Motion?

To resolve this issue of yours, we have found some of the troubleshooting points after proper research work. 

  • If you will update the security camera firmware to its latest version, then it will help you to fix bugs and resolve the issue of Amcrest Camera Not Recording Motion
  • Let us tell you that monitoring apps and the software will play a very important role in motion alert triggers and motion capture. Hence, it is really very necessary to update the monitoring software and apps. 
  • Try to change the placement of the camera, it’s pointing angle and we would like to suggest you avoid placing a motion detection security camera behind the glass window. 
  • If the issue is still the same then change the motion detection settings which includes increasing contrast to maximum, increasing sensibility to object size, resetting Geo-fencing, resetting threshold level, etc. 


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Last words…

In this Amcrest Security Camera Installation guide, we have told you each and everything you need. In case, you still have any kind of issue then it would be better if you use directly on the given toll-free numbers or visit the security cam helpline.

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